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Services We Offer To Food Business Owners;

• Connect You To Buyers, Grow Business By 300% 

• Food Safety Compliances Consultancy As Per FSSAI

• FSSAI Licensing & Product Approval Consultancy

Reach Your Customers

With us you can grow your food products business by 300%, using our huge network of bulk food product buyers & retailers.

Food Product Sales & Marketing

We understand and execute sales for you. Whether it’s about building right sales strategy or executing it, we are there with you.

food product testing
food product approval

FSSAI Registration & License

We understand the whole FSSAI license process in depth. We will help you to get FSSAI license easily & in least possible time.

Food Quality Testing From Approved Labs

It all starts with product quality testing from NABL/FSSAI Approved labs. We have partnered with over 20 testing labs to make this process easy for you.


Testing From NABL/FSSAI Approved Labs

1st step is to get these tests done for product approval;

  1. Nutritional Value Analysis/Nutritional Label Claim
  2. Product Shelf Life/Expiry Date
  3. Testing Of Food Processing Water
  4. Testing On Food Safety Parameters

You may not need all of these tests, but some of them are necessary depending upon your requirement.


FSSAI License & Food Product Approval

Getting FSSAI product license is very complex process. When you try do it yourself then whole process takes 60-90 days. But we can get your FSSAI registration & license quickly, starting from 5 days.

FSSAI license & product approvals involves proper documentation & methods, there are complexities involved. We handle them for you.

fssai product approval

Launch Your Product & Start Generating Sales

Ultimate aim is sales & generating revenue. We setup & align your sales process. Our expertise is in online sales, we identify whom you want to target, we establish your brand among them. We bring you the immediate sales, along with long terms brand establishment process.

food product sales

Solution To All Your Food Business Related Problems Is Just A Call Away! 🙂

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