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Getting FSSAI License or Registration is not everything your food business needs. FSSAI has different compliances that food businesses must follow after obtaining license. Every type of food business has different compliances to be followed.

Every food business has to follow the compliances decided by FSSAI to avoid any problems from food authorities.

How To Know About Compliances & Fulfil Them For Your Food Business

Following FSSAI compliances starts from obtaining FSSAI license or registration (Click Here To Apply For FSSAI Registration Within 5 Days). Next step is to understand the policies & methods decided FSSAI  for every type of food business.

Compliances for Processing Units, Trading Firms, Marketing Firms, Restaurants & Canteens, Importers are all different. More the business is specific, FSSAI compliances too become more specific.

Get in touch with us to understand and fulfil all FSSAI related compliances for your food business to avoid any issues with food safety department.

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