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Everything revolves around sales & food product marketing, didn’t you think of sales every moment from the first time when you had the idea to launch food product ? It’s obvious, we understand that & we are here to help you!

Before we talk about food product marketing & sales we have to ensure that you have got your FSSAI registration (Click here for FSSAI Registration) or FSSAI license (Click here for FSSAI License) done. Also, the shelf life test, nutritional value analysis (Click here for food product testing needs) of packed food products is done from FSSAI/NABL approved labs. We help you with that as well, we wanted to create a platform which will solve all the problems related to launching a food products company, so you are at right place now! 🙂

Coming back to food products marketing, every product must have a brand presence before it goes out for sales as before buying a product any consumer wants to know the people behind it and trust, authenticity of the brand.

What we do is we build your brand name while bringing you the sales! Here are few of many services we offer for your food products marketing;

  1. Unique e-commerce website for your food products to sell your products online.
  2. We build food delivery network for you across India.
  3. We build your online presence on Google, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram etc
  4. We help you sell food products on sites like Amazon & optimise products to sell more than your competitors.
  5. We build your own stock/inventory management software & mobile application.

These all are not easy tasks! But we do it with ease, because we know the right keys to open the right food product marketing locks! You will be benefitted from what we have experimented & experienced earlier.

Every product is different so are it’s food product marketing techniques. Some of the times products are seasonal and some times products are targeted to particular age or customer group. We identify your target customer group, we identify their presence online & take the steps accordingly.

Wondering about the cost involved ? Nothing to worry! There are options for every budget, from to small to big. With smaller budget you can start and scale up when you see results, option works for start up companies. Want product launch to be a bigger event, we can do it too for you!

Let’s have a quick call to understand your requirement & come up with strategy exactly as per your plans, requirements & budget and make your food product marketing successful!