Basic FSSAI License Within 24 Hours - Call Us At 9711900470

Basic FSSAI License/Registration At Rs. 3000. Certificate Within 24 Hours - Pay After Verifying FSSAI Number

State FSSAI License At Rs. 10,000. Certificate Within 30 Days

Central FSSAI License At Rs. 14,000. Certificate Within 30 Days

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) license is mandatory for all the food related businesses. Every food business must obtain the FSSAI license in order to operate the food business.

FSSAI License Is Divided Into 3 Categories

  1. Basic FSSAI License/FSSAI Registration (Food business with turnover upto Rs.12 Lakhs/Year or newly started businesses) If your business comes under this category of FSSAI  then click here for further knowledge & help.
  2. State License (Food business with turnover more than Rs.12 Lakhs/Year but lower than Rs.20 Cr/Year)
  3. Central License (Food business with turnover more than Rs.20 Cr/Year Or Importers) 

Problems You Face With FSSAI License & Solution We Provide

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) provides a platform to apply for FSSAI license, system provided by FSSAI is highly transparent & easy to access. Real problem that any food business operator faces while applying for license is lack of proper knowledge & supervision during the entire application & documentation process, which results to slow processing of your license application & months of delay in issuing license or just the whole application process ends with no result.

When you apply license with us, you have access to our knowledge of helping hundreds of food business owners like you. We ensure that your application is as per FSSAI requirements, we help you solve the points raised by FSSAI authorities which results to approval of your license between 20-45 days of time.

Our FSSAI License Process

  1. We understand your exact requirement.
  2. We collect all the relevant documents as per per FSSAI guidelines & requirements from you.
  3. We file your application for FSSAI license & submit relevant details and documents for it.
  4. We help you to address the issues and points raised by FSSAI authorities regarding your food business.
  5. We ensure that license is issued while following all the compliances.

Documents, Fee & Time

FREE FSSAI Registration Package

Time & Fee 


  1. Time duration required for State & Central FSSAI license is between 20-45 days depending upon the type, turnover & categories of the food business.
  2. Time duration required for Basic License/FSSAI Registration is 24 hours only.

Fee (Our consultancy fee + FSSAI fee)

  1. Basic FSSAI License/FSSAI Registration – Rs.3000 (Know More)
  2. State License – Rs.10,000
  3. Central License – Rs.14,000

Documents & Details Required 

List Of Documents For FSSAI State License

List Of Documents For FSSAI Central License 

FSSAI Registration Details