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Fee: Rs. 4000 Only, FSSAI Certificate Within 24 Hours

FSSAI registration is one of the FSSAI license categories provided by FSSAI. FSSAI registration is mainly for the food business owners who are just starting their business or existing food businesses who have the turnover upto Rs.12 Lakhs/Year. 

If your food business have the turnover more than Rs.12 Lakhs/Year then you will have to apply for FSSAI State or central License. Click here to know more about FSSAI State & Central license process.

How FSSAI Registration Process Works 

Registration process can be done online by simply creating your own account on FSSAI website. Though FSSAI registration application is easy at start but getting the final registration number is tough. Entire process takes about 60-90 days of time when you are applying online. Sometimes it takes months of effort & still food business owners don’t get their registration number.

We Get FSSAI Registration Within 24 Hours

We understand the whole process of registration & have helped hundreds of food business owners like you. We apply for FSSAI registration on your behalf & get your registration number within 24 hours. 

Time Required

Get your FSSAI Registration within 24 hours!


Our fee for 1 year registration is Rs. 4000. You can also choose to apply for registration for 2, 3, 4 & 5 years.

Documents & Details Required 

Adhar Card, Photo, Company Name, Company Address, Email id & phone number.

Why You Should Choose Us?

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