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There are two most crucial steps in FSSAI product approval process as it’s about nutritional value a product has & if the product is as per FSSAI safety parameters.

Nutritional analysis is the process of finding the nutritional value like Energy Value, Fat, Carbohydrate & protein etc in a food product. In easier language, nutritional values are what you see on any food product packaging.

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Nutritional value analysis

As per the Food Safety and Standards, FSSAI, the nutritional analysis values must be mentioned on the food product packaging label. Also the food product owner has to ensure that if limits do not match with what is specified on the packaging label or not as per regulatory guidelines then the product will not be considered as standard consumable product and the food product owner is liable to for that, can also be punished by authorities. Nutritional analysis is not just one time process, it has to be repeatedly performed even product remains same, as per the guidelines.

The information about the nutritional values like Vitamins, Minerals, protein along with their values in the food products must be declared on the food product labels. A constant check through regular food testing needs to be done on the nutritional ingredients to ensure the values are as per the standards provided.

The nutritional value of parameters like Vitamins, Minerals, Energy, Protein, Sugar, Fat should be below recommended dietary limits in the food items and must be mentioned on the labels based on results from nutritional analysis. Presence of these values beyond permissible limits can cause health problems like nausea, diarrhea, and stomach cramps etc for consumers.

The food product owner has to mention the exact values of nutritional elements on the labels as per the food testing lab reports. End consumer of the product should be well informed about the complete nutritional value information. A food packaging label with values from nutritional analysis works as an important source of information to the consumers especially which helps them to decide the food product as per their needs.

The nutritional analysis value on the food packaging label also give you the competitive edge as the end consumers can compare the nutritional values among different options when they decide to purchase healthy food.

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